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During Mental Health Awareness Week more people are becoming aware of the impact on mental and emotional health from Covid-19 restrictions, government imposed lockdown and self-isolation or the need as a care or key worker to continue working in difficult circumstances. There can be very few people who have not been impacted by the social restrictions and changes on daily routines. Some people are thriving, some are surviving. Some are struggling. Whilst some people are 'putting a brave face on it' others are turning to online therapy and counselling for support and advice. For some who are familiar with face-to-face counselling sessions, there is a period of adjustment to communicating through a screen with a counsellor or therapist. For others, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are normal mediums of communication. What is important is that whatever you feel comfortable with; phone call, text or video call - you reach out and ask for help.

As an experienced therapist I have been offering online counselling for some time, but for some exisiting and new clients the transition to remote therapy is an adjustment process and learning experience. As in the therapy room, I work at the client's pace and the weekly session is always backed up with additional phone, text and email support if required.

Unfortunately with face-to-face consultations currently untenable I have had to cancel Art Therapy sessions and workshops. However, I am excited to share my new 5 week Online Person-Centred Art Therapy course with you.

Working with your creativity you will be set an Art Therapy Exercise each week, designed to enable you to express yourself using words, images and mark-making, using any mediums you choose. Whether you have a full set of art materials or just a biro and some old cereal packets - anyone can participate and this will be a fun and insightful way to find your resilience and strength in this unprecedented time. We will work together to interpret and identify your challenges, goals and hopes now and for the future, using the set art exercises.

No artistic ability is needed, it is all about allowing yourself the freedom to express yourself through art, drawing, collaging, poetry, whatever you choose.

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